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Wait, You Do That For Free?

on March 22, 2017 News with 0 comments

I don’t really have a personal story of overcoming the odds. I grew up in a nice home, two parents, had the necessities of life I needed. My biggest fear? I was scared of the dentist. Suppose I was lucky to have one! 93 retainers later. How about you?

Know what is scary? Doing something that’s never been done before, reminding myself I will 100% rock it … if people come.  “If”. Enter my internal thoughts “gosh, is this something people can commit to for an hour to on a Saturday?”. I hope so!

Well, it is a workout for ourselves, and a way to give back at the same time – sign me up!

I have never been in foster programs, never even been to India – in fact, I am so fortunate it’s the last I can do and invite you to do something fun and new too!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

I had really only heard of “Kim Bauman” for many years, but  had the pleasure of meeting Kim Bauman, at the beginning of 2015 when I was in a bind looking for someone to “volunteer” aka “I can’t pay you but I promise it’s will be rewarding” with about a week’s notice, 100 children, in Clairmont for the Boys & Girls Club fitness month “Little Jumps”.

Not joking – 100 kids. It was suggested to me I call the Kim, the founder of the One Love Movement to see if she would be open to leading yoga to 100 children. She said “Yes, I’ll be there”. No news crews, no star DJ, no 500-person yoga with purchased tickets. So, there I was behind the scenes and she lead. No expectations on her end of me ever returning the favor, as she didn’t see it that way Nor was there any mention of what she does for children all over the WORLD. Yes, the world. For once, that’s not a typo.

And she came and shined:

The ever selfless Kim Bauman

I admire the passion she has for not only helping San Diego youth, but children in India, who really need it. You may have been to One Love, a very large annual outdoor yoga event in the fall in San Diego, where the majority of funds are raised.

2015 The One Love Movement

Kim and The One Love Movement in India with Foster Youth

So, how do I help in a bigger way? I don’t teach yoga, love going for myself, but don’t teach it.

A fashion forward, super fun, free boot camp and mindful (aka inspiring) stretch in a high-end retail department store before it opens? Perfect!

So this time, I’ll lead, she’s behind the scenes. The boot camp is free, it’s a fashion launch with goodies, and any donations will go to The One Love Moment:

RSVP HERE for Free limited space! Bring a mat, towel, and a smile.

Time: 8:30 Check In

Boot Camp Workout + Mindful Stretch: 9-10AM

Refreshments: 10AM provided by Neiman Marcus

Now, I get to get excited! And also, I hope people will come, not for me, for them.

Fast forward to 2016 to 2017, she stuck with me. Jason too!… It’s our “date night” to attend yoga at Kim’s CorePower class in Del Mar.  Lucky us! Feel free to join at 5:30 Wednedays!

Collaborations bring groups of like minded people together, so my hope, and ask, and face-that-fear, is that for one hour, fashion + free fitness + fun all adds up to a greater One Love Movement.

Can’t make it? Your donation (HERE) of any amount goes to The One Love Movement – and yes, when you love what you do, it’s not about being paid, because paying it forward is priceless.

See you Saturday at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley: 7027 Fashion Valley Road, Neiman Marcus – Level 3 thanks to On Demand Lifestyle!



PS – anyone else running 13.1 miles at the the Encinitas Half Marathon Sunday – guess what? Same. Good luck and enjoy the coast!

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