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Friends With Passion Only Please

on September 10, 2017 News with 0 comments



One week post wedding high . .

it really is surreal, but not necessarily so because of the glam,  pretty pictures, or beautiful La Jolla setting, though all were picturesque beyond anything I ever thought I’d have… the people part is what mattered most. Who I married. Who married us. Who (or most- that part is hard) we invited that got us there. People who support our love, honor commitment, but above all – who we worked with, as that is a reflection of me and us. Great news…

The people that have always been a part of my life as friends, friends who inspire me, I lean on for their craft or expertise all times of year, not just when I get married, who I trust, and who I was so honored to included in hands down, the greatest day of our lives that I had not ever planned to have. They took a risk, usually work for themselves, doing what they do really well, and they care about “little things”. I have

called them (carefully hand-selected) friends long before I was engaged that helped make a “wedding” special, and personal.

They don’t expect me to say a word – they just LOVE doing what they do, but if we are who we hang out with …they make us all look good and I’d want you know why I trust them too.

MUSIC/ MC (who wasn’t game-show-ish)

When I met our DJ Justin Kanoya– he showed up to a February run club I lead in 2013 at Torrey Pines (irony here as this is where he just DJ’d our wedding). At the time he had a full-time job doing something else, DJ’ing on the side. On a morning track was rained out, we sat and mapped about his goal to DJ full time. Thank goodness.

Funny – she has a fashion blog, hes a full-time DJ, and she just left law to pursue being a PT.

Since then, he’s done numerous events with me, both paid and out of the goodness of his heart, Challenged Athletes, Goal setting + yoga, the first ever Fitbit Local, lululemon events on his own – so having him as part of this day was easy – he really cares about the couple’s wishes. He was a professional expert, DJ Kanoya – thanks for the Justin Timberlake medley! We did it together after running SeaWheeze in Vancouver.

Justin makes the workout – rock!


Speaking of the Fitbit Local events he DJ’s, I co-lead the very first one (above to the right) in the US with a friend before then, Mike Sherbakov in 2015. Since then we’ve given corporate talks, supported charities, foundations, ran a marathon as a team, and become friends. He makes people want to do more, give more, be more with The Greatness Foundation and took his role as our officiant to heart- as he does everything he does. We made our first donation as “The Kimmels” to his team’s foundation – so they can choose how to do good around the world.

To finally set it straight: I did not marry Mike, but he did marry me – to Jase!


For seven years I have been volunteering for Challenges Athletes Foundation – it enables those with physical challenges the job of sports, and actually, my amazingly beautiful long time hair dresser is involved too (read why here)- and she motivationally speaks for CAF. Jason has also gone to Tara for his hair before I knew him! So, she not only is amazing making me blond, she gives back to an organization I too love. Tara in La Jolla at Rusted Roots – you are beautiful inside and out.

Tara in the middle, hair expert/friend, with Danielle and Sherri- also involved with CAF


Tara just went to Tanzania with our yoga instructor Kim Bauman, founder of The One Love movement. Jason and I make a point to attend her yoga class at CorePower Del Mar.


Tara makes me blond, but the young go-getter, business owning Alma Mae – has the heart of the size of Texas, a blow out hair client list she modestly wont’ share to protect the names public figures, and I’ve seen her grow Kissed By AML for years. Thankfully for me, she and her team, style hair and make up for weddings, and come to your home during the week just because. She makes you look and feel fabulous and has a sweet demeanor to match! They also donate talent to may charitable events and auctions!

Alma insisted on hair help for Friday night- I loved it!


I did not wake up like this for the last 5 years. Friend Sherri Follstad makes my lashes – pretty. She has since gotten involved in Challenged Athletes with me, and her energy can light up a runway at night. So Sherri, thank you for not only the lashes (her studio is in Pt. Loma) but for  making us all smile on the reg.


No doubt, before I had Jason in my life, one day I’d get to email my friend Joey from college, his gorgeous and fun wife April – and ask if they would do us the honor of taking photos. They started a company a long time ago called Half Full Photography, both engagement which was SO MUCH FUN, and a wedding if I ever decided to have one. They think of every small detail to make you feel special, find spaces where you fit in, and are really cool people. Our wedding planner was blown away by them – yep, friends with talent with a marriage to match – they LOVE love. You’re welcome. I am going to make up events just to see them regularly and totally stalk their adorable family on  instagram!

Half Full Skills – Heart is all the way full!


I don’t need a wedding planner, really, I do this all the time. (rolls eyes) Not. I’m so fulfilled in my own career and jobs, I am so glad that the local venue where we got married, made me have one. I put it off. I can’t pick a random person, I love using friends – so I asked DJ Justin, and other industry friends – who is a good person, classy, professional, and can get stuff done I don’t care to do? Enter Susanne Duffy, she sounds like Adele when she talks (like for real!), has the grace of Princess Diana, and takes her job to heart. Where there is smoke there is usually fire and everyone had the best things to say about her – fine, if I must have one, Ill give her a “ring”. (See what I did there?)

Better than Adele, planning boss, Susanne

When I chatted with owner of Crown Events, she called me “dah-ling” and “love-ly” but also mentioned she had organized the Rady’s children’s Hospital gala pro – bono.  My type of gal as I too also do a yearly event (running) for Rady’s.  Along the way she kept us on track and plugging along with decisions and when I don’t care too much about flowers, place settings and chairs, she can just let me pick between two – and it’s done.  Thank gawd. She’s a mom, a pro, a wife who also wrote hand written notes to her guests – something I was excited to do! She is so busy she can’t take on more clients – also my type of person: who works because they love it. She should also be paid 4x what we did because those who don’t do it for money always over deliver. What a gem.

Pinch me: Torrey Pines. Molly and her team were awesome!


I was co-leading a fitness event at the Bay Club for Fitbit™ in February and we drew a raffle winner name: Molly Nelson! Hmm sounded familiar. Turns out, I had met her the week before as she showed us the space at Torrey Pines – so she saw me do my thing, and over the last 7 months I saw her do hers. She’s awesome.

Lesson: let the experts do their thing, pick a couple things you care about, and just enjoy all of it. You wouldn’t tell your hair girl, or the flower person how to do their jobs any other day – so let them wow you. I did. They all nailed it.

I never really wished for something like this, and while it may look one way from the outside, it’s a reminder that our assumptions are usually more a reflection of us. We were blessed to be married in La Jolla- making it convenient for Jason’s 90  year old Nanny. Nana, who is 92, has not problem jumping on a plane from Kimmel Vineyards to party – and she did.  So, being local, I got to include my friends, for music, photo, hair, yoga, planning, all of it.

So marriage here go, wedding that was meaningful with people I love and trust- check. After all, that makes is so special – and they are love what they do, so I hope you love them too.

So grateful Justin, Tara, Mike, Kim, Sherri, Alma Mae, Susanne, Joey and April, for being friends, guests, and that you made your passion your purpose.

Sheri Matthews Kimmel (woah – there it is).

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