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Hearts Hearts Hearts! Sorry, I’m not sorry I’m late.

on February 4, 2017 News with 0 comments

I LOVE this month – mostly because the focus is love and hearts are everywhere.

February, only 28 days in which everyone has 24 hours in a day. Just 24. It’s like holding a winning lotto ticket getting to cash it in and chose how to spend it!

I am 100% guilty of wanting to do so many things, errands, and fulfill commitments, sometimes I barely make it from one thing to the next. No one’s fault but mine. Working on that by “Monotasking” this month, not “multitasking“, but nothing erks me, or raises my stress level more, than being late. Poor Kate, I was so fired about this the other day while we ran, she probably could charge me for therapy. However, as I had to bow out at mile 5, because I had a commitment, and she finished 2 more miles alone, that’s what we do when we respect another person’s time. Guess what… May as well have a sticker on  your forehead that reads:

Unless traffic is unusually bad. It happens. Life happens, but for the most part, we all have a choice and can be on time, because something, or someone, is important. What if every commitment you made was an interview for a dream job. You’d be on time.

I realize many of my friends start texts and emails to me with “Hey I know you’re busy but . . .” Hmm. Why do they think so? What I am conveying that makes them think that?

                   We all have the same 24 hours

Part of fulfilling my own January 2017 goals, both career and personal, meant respectfully saying “no” to even things I enjoy, or people I really like to see! One of those meant soliciting Nick Isebella, friend who loves what he does, for some new headshots for professional materials, by 1/31/17. Check. I can officially tell Helen (off teaching yoga retreats in the Bahamas) I did it.

January 2017 was actually my best month of corporate wellness consulting income yet. So maybe saying “no thank” you works. It’s a start.

A lot of what I do is behind the scenes in wellness programs at companies across San Diego. I was sitting in meetings this week hearing, news to me, of friends I referred who are visiting these organizations, going to speak for far less than they are worth, and making multiple trips because they love what they do, and it’s a personal favor for me. Mike Shervakov of the Greatness Foundation, Peter Scott – Author of Design A Fearless life, next month Kim Bauman – founder of The one Love Movement, Lauren Padula – on community giving back. It’s so rewarding that these selfless people are a “yes” to helping the companies I help.  Thank you to those people, who ar happy to touch one life at time, or huge groups that they often speak too

I think my Fed-ex guy thinks I’m nuts. I was so excited to see the box he left I let an”oh yay!” He turned around, and said, “expecting that box huh?”. I explained it’s a book I wanted to give everyone!

Well, long story short, I had ordered two copies of You Are A Badass, so I did what anyone would do, gave the Fed-ex guy one! Needless to say, I subsequently got to order another. Spin class book club by accident as I mentioned the book so I passed it the person to my right at 5:45 and 7AM, they have one week to read it, sign it, and pass it on. Go badass team.

Kate, the badass who gave it to me, had not actually read it! Guess who is borrowing mine.

The biggest lesson of January. Jason comes with a fabulous family. It reminds me how I want to be remembered happens every day. Jason’s Grandfather passed this month at 94 years old. As I sat with his family in Riverside at his memorial, I turned around to notice there was standing room only, of people he had helped throughout his life, coming from very little, and being a self-made success (financially and what he had acquired). He was described as always “happy” and “generous” and the poems he wrote about people are left behind.

Jason’s Grandmother, almost 90, wasn’t outwardly sad because her husband was always happy

So that legacy I want to leave, I’m excited to include you in some fun things in February:

  1. Best Fitbit Local yet is 2/12 at the Bay Club! Space limited so RSVP HERE please:

2. Valentines Day hip-hop yoga for free with Lauren in Brewery? Yes! Info HERE

3. Soooo honored to MC the Jump Start Your Heart Walk for the Children’s Heart Foundation for the second year on 2/19. Sign up HERE. Put on by HPM!

The one time I’m so proud to wear a tutu!

The second lesson – enjoy the little things. At what age do we care if someone sees chocolate all over our face? Best $1 I spent all month – a chocolate doughnut.

with love for February,


Sheri Matthews





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