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“How’s Wedding Planning?” + plus some things I am giving up…

on July 5, 2017 News with 0 comments

“So How’s Wedding Planning?”

 No Social Media. July Happenings. People Parts.

The million dollar, 40 x per day, question asked to anyone, not only getting “married”, but deciding (or not) to have a … “wedding”.

Let’s clarify, I am (actually) excited, beyond grateful, and still actually wrapping my head around the fact that ‘we’ we will have a marriage and wedding. I am also coming from a place what is best for me, not what is best for everyone else thrilled about pre-wedding events and that is awesome if they had matching tank tops and speeches, first dances etc,. More power to you. No need to expect that of everyone. And (some) of that is not something I, nor we, ever wanted.

It’s true – it comes with expectations. “Aren’t you going too….” or  “Don’t’ you want to…..”.   No, but thank you. Some is tradition. I get that, but maybe it’s best for me (or us) to decide a couple things important to us, and who (not us) cares about the rest – it will be beautiful and fun and someone who is into those details can choose. I have my Grandma’s pearls – so I’m good to go!  In the meantime, I have decided to give up a few things for a bit.

No social media for a whole month (gasp!):  this stems from the fact I realize how much time I (or we all – anyone) spend scrolling, watching, comparing a bit, looking for inspiration, and ideas.

I actually love your Instagram and facebook updates, stories, etc. – it’s just for me to see how it impacts my life, with about 60 days to being a Mrs. See you @smatthes1010 on August 5th. Kbye!

No Wine. One month. (I know) about to marry the most passionate wine-guy e – v – e – r. I love that about him. Wine Class is July 16th at USD – tickets almost gone (HERE), it’s for scholarships and I was that student dependent on scholarships!

So…. You can catch me (in real life) and the amazing world touring Mike Sherbakov at a really awesome Fitbit Local July – at the high end, rooftop, urban, AquaVie . We are having an after work, DJ’d workout, and sunset stretch! This one is so rad I can’t wait. Free, fun, and we give away Fitbits!

                Tuesday, July 25th 6PM7:30PM, Register HERE.

  • Or spin @ The Rush La Jolla
  • Or “real” work. Consulting.
  • Or call me. Like really dial. I love that.


We did not register on purpose (gasp!). Well to travel together, but that’s all. So please don’t buy me or us “stuff”. We feel we have everything needed day to day, toaster, dishes, etc. No Crate& Barrel here , instead  I registered for the Chicago Marathon a month after we say I do! I am honored to train for Girls on The Run – a program that teaches young girls life skills, team work, goals, and confidence after school.  Instead of a nightgown, or coffee pot, I think seeing your name on a donation roster is priceless.

I’d LOVE help with that! Donate HERE. I DO appreciate it (pun intended) Running is a lot of who I am as an adult, how i meet Jason anyway, and amazing if I can run so young girls have that too!

Stopped by GOTR practice in 2016 coached biweekly by friends from Del Mar

Putting it here – I will BQ at this one (it’s flat #Ihatehills!). Thankful I get to run with Kate ( yes that one – @socalrunnergal) and Melissa, who got me into this whole running thing from the get-go,  BFF Jen training for SeaWheeze, and even Brittany, triathlete getting her first 26.2 in!

Me, Kate, Jenny (Jen to you), and Mel!

Wine & Nike shoes. love is love is love.

So as far as “plans”…

We actually started working on life together more so than a wedding, waiting for myself to freak out any day now about not doing much yet, but instead, we decided to attend weekly meetings, working and learning to communicate better, share families, talk money, not kill the plants (mostly me).

So how’s wedding planning…?


It’s not really. I was never that girl who dreamed of a wedding or had it planned before I meet the groom. I didn’t purchase one bride magazine. I guess I feel like there is a billion dollar industry to tell what we “should” or “are suppose to have”. I dreamed of living in North country, good health, a guy and career I love. This is a nice way to take a moment and think “wow”.


I need only three things and those are checked off:

1. A groom that I couldn’t have dreamed up myself

2. A dress (because I’m still that girl)

3.  A person of character to officiate.  That’s. it.

Bonus: his family – I get another one that is really awesome, both Jason’s Mom side from OC/Riverside and the Kimmel Vineyard side from Potter Valley.  People jackpot!

People: If I have learned one thing in life, people matter most – and I’m blessed with many.  So I don’t need a year to plan for those.

Planning that entailed People:

Been along side him for fitness, charity events, may as well throw in a wedding – he’s really good at it!

  • Photographers – college friends from USD who are experts behind the lens, and fully cool, not just half. HALF FULL PHOTOGRAPHY.  Seriously though, how cute are they… 
  • Hair: I met Alma Mae Lott (KISSED BY AML) a few years ago, – she’s a mobile hair stylist (think blow-out but model status) who started crushing it at a young age, with a team who styles, celebs, politicians, models, my personal friends and a heart 3 xs her size. My kind of gal.
  • Wedding Planner – cuz if you notice I’ve got a few others things to do- referred by DJ! Think “Adele” accent with SJP class and less singing. She’s SD’s best – lucky us. Susanne! Sadly she’s booked for 2018 already but worth a shot.
  • Bridesmaids: 0 = number I have. Plenty of friends I swear. I loved and was honored to be one in over 10 weddings. Plus, you’ve seen my friends – they are stunning, so they’d definitely one-up me, and besides,  I’d prefer my friends to all just enjoy their night too. I could have 42, and that’s awkward. So I like zero better – just me and a really photogenic sweet guy. I am not as close to some as once before and that is OK, that’s what makes life neat. I’ve honored that people take the time to attend.

Help: I’ll ask – promise.

Time: I am very fulfilled in the things that take up my time now, so no extra events before 9/2 would be ideal. That is what I want, but some gals/guys love to do those festivities and that’s great for them. Some of my fave memories or at bachelortte’s, but I’m all set. I live my real life one every day!

Guests: not everyone that is special in my life is being invited, and that’s honestly really hard, but the most amazing gift ever has been realizing I could literally have thousands of people, genuine friends. Those that matter, also will also understand this, again –  it’s not about them and I’m doing the best I can.

If you have ever planned a wedding you may understand, money, space, family, if I haven’t talked to you in years, life evolves – this is my life currently with Jason, not the one that I alone had in college, or at work.

My hope, and focus is planning our life, seeing friends and family both leading up to it and some more the it’s a special day I get to let my parents know I’m so grateful for who I am as it lead me here, and the one guy know I feel so blessed that he waited for me too. Always a little behind the time line curve overhere.

Happy July – Best year yet (forever and ever-ever),


A logged off, checked in – me.

Sheri Matthews (soon-to-be-Sheri-Matthews-Kimmel and that took 35 years of planning – so I’m all set!)

Personal Marathon fundraising HERE

July 16th  USD Wine Classic HERE

July 25th Fitbit Local HERE

August: The ONE LOVE MOVEMENT (get your tickets now) HERE

Join/crash wedding HERE (I kid.)

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