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March: Ooops I Did It Again. Yes!

on March 12, 2017 News with 0 comments

I blinked and here we are almost half way through March!

In the words of 1999 Britney “oops I did it again”…

One of my goals in 2017 was to limit, yes limit, myself to one-weekend community or charity cause of event per month, in addition to Fitbit Local which already falls on a weekend one time per month. I’ve done close to nothing to wedding plan, so not my cup of tea and lets be honest you need to allocate some time to it, and I just having been feeling at all like the models in the bride magazines when I’m in a wedding dress. Truth is: booking up weekends with honorable things I love, actually imposes on that time.

Epic fail in March. Well, on the limiting commitments part to just one.

What do you do when two goals conflict? I should know better – I teach people do this. Eeek. I literally went and read mine from 1/1/17. I suppose you can try and do everything, but you can’t do everything well,  and two of my goals are really happening in March – just taking from the 1 x per mont thing.  March is going to continue to be really awesome community time because in 2017 I will:

  1. Connect 2 more large recognizable lifestyle brands for a good cause
  2. Find a way to support a local/global non-profit, in my own way, because I don’t teach yoga


Good news, I couldn’t’ be more excited about it:

Before these go down, I had to check my past ego (and former speed) at a start line. Today I (we) hit the ground running , and for the first time ever at the SD Half Marathon, I checked my ego and usual attempt to PR at the start. Just a good ‘ol training half marathon run with the gal who got me running, Melissa. I’ve since trained for two Boston Marathons, and she had two babies, so it was so wonderful to make the trek downtown together and run today – finishing the last two miles (12-13) in 7:15, 7:01, and a very close course PR record for her which made me soooo happy, where we talked and enjoyed the whole thing. Loved it. Enjoyed conversation, the weather, noticed people pushing wheelchairs along the course – it was so magical. My challenge may have been just enjoy, while for some the challenge is finishing, but we all can make the best of them, whatever they may be.

Today’s run was Pretty special as her Aunt passed last week from cancer, who was also an avid runner, so we chatted about it mid run, and Mel declared that today was for her and for the first time in 9 years Melissa and I crossed a finish line at the same time- and she is super speedy! Loved seeing so many friends out there cheering!

Melissa got me into running in ’09, since has had two babies and I have had to Boston Marathons!

Logically – I know it’s amazing what our bodies can do – run, sometimes far, sometimes fast, bear children, etc. I’m pretty blessed with a fasique that allows me to do both, and try to still be a bit feminine. However, someone will always be taller, have less “big legs”, or look more like the gal in Bride Magazine. I recognize lately the number of times I dislike “my runners legs” or “I don’t think I look that that in this dress” – and I know better. We all have these moments. We are women, but I know men to do too. So running today, and seeing all shapes, sizes, paces, and friends pushing @TeamHoytSD – is a reminder that comparison is really the thief of all joy. Somedays I really loath this or that. Somedays they carry up Washington street – slowly, but good thing my ego was at the start line.

Weekends are for community and collaborations:

My approach: make it inviting, positive, and something I would want to attend – that leaves you better than when you decided to join. You’re never obligated, always invited, and I promise you will be glad you came . . .

Fitbit Local January and February had been 150+ friends who come and enjoy free fitness. Always a joy to co-lead with Mike Sherbakov. Reason to come in and of itself: him. Plus we are pretty funny together.

Excited for March 19th, next Sunday, at La Jolla Sports Club courtyard. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s for everyone. Plus we have NEW Fitbits to raffle off! Next up: March 19th 8:45 AM, boot camp and all lovel stretch. Sign up HERE

February 12th’s Fitbit Local at The Bay Club, Next up 3/19 – @suja @perfectbar @lajollasportsclub

New things are scary – and the fact it’s never been done before makes me even more thrilled to make it awesome. On Demand Lifestyle is teaming up with Neiman Marcus to launch their new fitness line, which is great, BUT add a philanthropic cause we can give back to while we work out and I would help in heartbeat. I’m in! Best part?  I get to invite you San Diego to the first one ever!

Also – enter the brief thought again”They know I’m 5’2″ and not a model instructor right?”. Well the muic will rock, the inspiration twice my size, and the humor will make you smile – promise!

3/25 Often the lessons from yoga apply off the mat, but anyone with an active lifestyle can feel good and do good – so I’m HONORED to lead the bootcamp! Music, refreshments, and more!

Time: Saturday, March 25th 8:30 Sign in, 9AM Class (Bootcamp and Mindfull Stretch)

Sign up: Just check in and Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley

Donate: The One Love Movement – donate HERE for bootcamp

Friday night prior – Spark Cycle from La Jolla is also spinning at Neiman’s – and all proceeds from both days are to benefit the locally started, but global reaching, non-profit to help underprivileged youth and orphans. Sign up for March 24th at Spark’s Website. Super fun spin at the mall!

Jason and I both take founder of The One Love Movement, Kim’s, class for our “date night” on Wednesdays!

Meet Kim Bauman – she’s bound for Oprah

So who, and what I align, myself with is important, because I’m inviting you, asking for your time and trust, for me to make is awesome. Hope to see you, you’ll feel good – and do good on Saturday March 25th! Bring your mat and workout shoes!

Truth is before I can send friends, I like to know what a group or place is all about. I joined a new group – one for Mom’s! I don’t have children myself, at least yet, but have many close friends who do, and that network and community of other Mom’s who understand – is powerful. You’ve heard of strollers-trides right? Because this wasn’t it…

Fit4Mom Body Back Class @ 6AM

Well, kinda. The class by Fit4Mom is called Body Back. I really have to hand it to them – it’s hard, it’s inspiring, and it’s fun group of Moms who push themselves.  Are you a Mom, know a Mom, or just need some you time and support to sweat? HERE

Guilty of always feeling like the next thing is coming, work, Fitbit, The One Love Movement Bootcamp, a life coaching/ goal setting presentation, and I want it to be a-mazing I struggle with saying…”n-o”. I like these “side-things”, however, two evenings last week I closed my laptop and ran with Kate @socalrunnergal (yes, that Kate) and you know what…

to do more, I do less.



PS – International Women’s Day fell this month, so…

WOD: Qauntrelle




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