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No No N-overwhelmed. You?

on April 13, 2017 News with 0 comments

Yes! No. Or Yes to No!

I tend to be way too wordy. I started to type this, deleted the whole thing – like just get to the point already. It was just easier to start over. Maybe it’s because I’m currently between spin and meeting in Sorrento Valley at Starbucks (wifi is always decent), it’s freezing in here and there is a lady on her phone who is so upset or angry at someone, one profanity after another, that I feel bad someone can get that upset. I actually physically want to move or cover the employee’s ears.

So, I deleted it. Sort of rolled my eyes , but then felt bad for her she’s that unahppy and able to get that upset or having such “not-pleasant” energy for anyone in earshot, which wasn’t the right thing to do, maybe an invite to yoga – next time. All those things were a bit “distracting” to me. Ah-ha, distracting as I sat there “working”.

I feel like good energy on the contrary comes back around.

Side note – Monday AM I stopped for coffee at 7/11 before crashing Jenny and Kates run on the 101 in Cardiff at 6:15AM. I know, 7/11, it’s cheaper and I like to make my own. Literally, I have the App on my phone. The one near my home is predominately a spanish speaking store/neighborhood – no problemo, hablo Espanol muy bien para … a blond girl. The man in line front of me with his buddies, while I started at my Nikes, he paid for my coffee. So out of context. “Wow, that was so nice (amable)!” I chased him outside, to say.

I get in my cute lil’ dream SUV, he sat down on the curb and hoped to get work that day – as many of the guys do from 5-6AM. He was just nice, to be nice, which I carried with me that day.  Really I wished I had a job for him. Yard work, anything. It will come back to him I know it as it has me, many times.

Coming off a much- needed weekend away after feeling, well, a bit overwhelmed by attempting to do too much, or the constant feeling something fell to the wayside or something else needs to be done. I still felt guilty, isn’t that weird? Like relaxing and taking Friday of made me less of an achiever. Or if I had outstanding things someone would judge the way I spend my time.

I coped just fine… because you can’t pour from an empty cup right?  More rest = more pour. Go April goals.

Please leave a message – I’m in Cabo in a floaty, floating.

Reason for being a bit spent – I didn’t take a break any week or weekend in March – because I said “yes” a-lot:

  • 2 half marathons, (for fun for a change! – ps. also adds 12 minutes and IS really FUN)
  • A free monthly Fitbit Local in La Jolla at La Jolla Sports Club
  • A donation based group workout at Neiman Marcus for The One Love Movement (thank you thank you thank you all who came! – donate here to help youth and a sweet Korean founder, who is amazing, named Kim, smiles) and the month flew by.

All things that I feel are important, people that matter, charities I care about…. I don’t want to let anyone down and each person is really special. Ever feel that way? You can’t you do it all but they are all important?

You are right. Me neither. I stopped trying. That’s often the case with so many things I really WANT to do, people or groups I’d love to help, or connect. So what starts to come second is my own important things! I’m trained/certified how to teach other people how to prioritize so WTH?

The over dramatic gal at starbuks does reminds me of the flip side…

No problem saying “no” without really saying much to anyone who really just doesn’t elevate or emulate someone I admire, or has good energy most of the time,  in good times, but challenges, or who gives to give, not just to get. They say “thank you.” and pay it forward. I love those kinds of folks. Still hoping to get even with those who have helped me along the way, learning from those who I see as successful.

We all have our moments or just need to air it out sometimes, but in general, people who are grateful, personable, find the opportunity in any situation or are happy most of the time, I’d prefer and do, hang out with them. Are the people closest to you good people? Do they leave you inspired, loved, or better?

Karma will always work itself out. No need to muddle much in it.

Speaking of good! I was bummed for a moment losing my Grandmothers pearl earring when I took off a sweatshirt before teaching an early AM spin class. I wear them when I run. No big deal – I still have one and it’s just an earring right? Almost two weeks later, I had my car washed (life is so put together when things are clean – OCD me!) and over the last two years always make a point to tip the guys in cash, they had said the owner keeps the tips people had to their credit cards. Guess who found my pearl earring in my car – w/o knowing how special it is! Omar! Life comes around every day. I love that. Grateful for the surprise. Tip the guy because you want to. Thank someone who referred you.  Pay forward business that came your way – those that get it – will always get it back.

Little, strong, classy, pretty resilient as hell

I went back and read my own 2017 goals written 1/1/17 last week, on April 1st, 2017.  Read every single one. I’ll spare you.  I asked myself what I wouldask a friend in regard to my own goals.

Each day, did I do one thing to get myself closer to each one?

For the most part-ish – but some. not really. Income. Money. Only one chairty event per month (ype it’s a goal!) Sometimes things happen, a friend needs help, someone wants to do coffee, laundry doesn’t fold itself, so my own really important things, come…second. Money. Career. Even my relationship (hi Jase). I justify this somehow or allow these distractions. Hmm.

Why? Hmm again.

I allow it. Who is a hypacrite? 

Goal faciliator/coach (noun) defined by myself as – person who coaches other people on setting a personal foundation, establishing the reasons, values, and desires that drive their goals,  then define career, personal, health, fitness, relationship, financial short and long term goals, establishes a clear-cut plan to achieve defined outcomes, by a set deadline, identify accountability milestones and provide tools for what to do when it gets challenging. 

and leads and lives by example.

Simple enough. Much easier to tell someone else, how to do it, and hold them accountable.

That’s just it. Instead of “things” I (want to, should, or get to) do,  sans my laptop (gasp!) in Mexico, I could do more of just one thing – I needed to redefine only one “thing” (not “things“) that is most important. The one that I tend to let come second to 244.1 other things.

So, thanks to good friend Mike

Grateful to experts who spoke at companies all over SD for me this year!

I read this book: The One Thing, in 1.5 days: It’s like most motivation books, it works if you apply it, but I like the tangible time management advice. A  “timely” reminder. If you’re a very driven, go-getter, not let anybody-downer type of person…read it:

Things that get in my way of making my corporate wellness consulting and clients in a day a priority. We (I) could put out fires all day – if we notice them! You relate?

  • texts (I don’t’ have to check it, or respond)
  • Emails / co worker interruptions, laundry, groceries, etc whatever “life errands” I can do
  • Side jobs, spin class I sub, recruiting, events that have planning (Fitbit, Running, MC’ing,)
  • People who want to get coffee, ask for time, who ARE special, important, needing help or a connection
  • Planning post-work social gatherings that may not fit in my schedule but not wanting to be “flakey” – so I am honest, w/o apologizing it’s not best for me “thank you for understanding”
  • “So how’s wedding planning going?” (oh yes need to get time carved for that by “no” to other stuff to”

Maybe you have your own “distractions”? I tired for two whole days for block 3 – 4 hours w/o one of those distractions. Harder than  you think, especially when those people are things matter, but that’ the point, my ONE THING has to come first. Practicing.

I was encouraging a friend to read the book too. Instead of talking to me about her passion/business goals, get on it! She actually has the book – Yay! Then she says, “I have to get my Easter baskets and taxes, done first”. WTF. “No, you don’t have to finish Easter baskets, in fact, go read right now, or maybe you do, but then the business goal, your own dream is not your own important thing.” Unless it’s something you “want to do”. (said with love of course).

See, much easier to do it for other people.

There is always time and there is never enough time – depends on what you do with it, it’s very empowering when we feel like we own our own limited hours in a day.

Just say no:) When we are taught to say yes. People, text, errands, anything not your “one thing”.

So I said “yes” to a couple things, because they are in my big picture yearly goals, I get to invite you and tie big groups together with experiences:

USD Take Over Day May 6th – Did you go to USD? Thankful I did too, so I don’t teach on weekends unless is a charity I love or in this case, a fun alumni ride! Give aways, sweat – only $10!  Love to have you or friends! 11:30AM – 12: 30PM on May 6th – to support USD alumni run businesses Sign up HERE

Fitbit Local – we are joining forces with the local PCI (Project Concern International) and bringing the Fitbit local community (for free!) to join the 5K – Walk For Water on 4/23 – Talk about inspiring, carrying water (walk or run!) like many nations still do! Sign up HERE! DJ, food, and raffle for new devices! I meet the nicest people at each event, can’t wait!

And… if you’re still reading, who ever said YOLO (you only live once) baffles me.

YOLED is more like it. Not “ed” as in past tense, as in “you only live every day”.

More “no’s” for more “yes’s”… and know why I loved my mexican vaca besides getting Jason all to myself and LOVE time with him, not talking to anyone at all – still so so wordy.





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