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What’s 30 Days?

on August 2, 2017 News with 0 comments

One month sans an Instagram post or scrolling through it. Ok, a post maybe –  I lasted two weeks until I threw in some insta-stories to share work life, Fitbit events, charitable things, or people do uplifting activities that are so awesome, I like to invite you to come.

One month to the day (today’s 8.2) until 9.2 – we are not only getting married, we are having a wedding, so that’s well, coming up, but who’s counting? N

In the meantime, I learned some things, noticed some things, and life went on. Loved the texts and phone calls, in person friends, seeing grandmas’ babies, and focusing on work.

Before a wedding and outside of work, training, and wedding things I “get to do”, you are invited to be inspired:

Sunday, August 6thFitibt Local: Free Fun Fitness: Sweat N’ Play in the Park! Family Friendly. HERE

Thank you, friends, who came out in July, DJ Kanoya for beats, and AquaVie for hosting! See you 8/6 for family fitness fun!

Monday, August 7th6PM Run/ 6:45AM Yoga Joining a few friends (Kat, Lauren, Eug, and Angelo) in San Diego (you too) to for a free Community Fun Run + Ocean front yoga with Lauren! Run, smile, support Kellie Ellermans’ team in honor of her Dad losing his battle to cancer 10 years ago. Wear: Purple.  Bring: Yoga mat/water. Info HERE. Donate HERE.

Thursday, August 10- Saturday, August 13th – SeaWheeze Half Marathon by lululemon. Pacing the sub 1:40 group – for the 5th year. I love this weekend –and feel honored to ensure you also love this weekend. Added bonus: Kate, Mel, and Jenny (her 2017 BIG goal!) are running their first SeaWheeze in Vancouver. Who else is going? Come say “heeey!”


She’s going to rock her 13.1! Go Jenny (Jen to you!)

Saturday, August 19th  – 6th Annual One Love Movement’s Yoga Event. Kim Bauman’s hosts the largest non-profit yoga event each year- feel good while you do good. HERE. So inspiring

So looking back on July: 

One month no Instagram. Grandma’s, horses, licenses, tears, some good and some crummy runs, books, goal setting sessions, and friends.

I have a hard time, not “liking” what other people are up to. Like it’s personal. People had babies – and I didn’t “like” it, well I liked it in my head, but didn’t like “like-like” it! Only in 2017 does this make sense.

Met a bff’s baby:

Pretty baby R! Big miracles in small packages. Also, top 5 ways to scare future husband!

Hadn’t been to opening day in 10 years – but first time with a fiance for work!

Still no clue how to read the odds. Pick the one with the best name! ACCOUNTABILITY to win!

My favorite 30-minute moment all month was doing a short run while Jason surfed and I got to get a book and a towel from the car and just read “The Happiness Advantage”. That’s it.

Getting up before the sun has a greater reward than not, no matter how hard some days. It’s not hard. Cancer is hard. In fact, I love the days when a woman is in class in round 6 of chemo, she comes when she can and she is SO excited to just be there with her friends on a bike that goes nowhere. Perspective right? Saw her lots in July!

Celebrated a 90th birthday- makes you think – who do you want at your party? What would they say? I would say – she is generous, fabulous, and happy!

Jason’s 90 year beautiful Nanny! Other Nana 92 probably out wine tasting!

Wedding (details) are hard, or maybe time sensitive so add “things to do”. I’ve yet to meet a person who said marriage was super easy. So, things that take work in my experience are worth it. Kinda like marathons . . .

You are who you hang out with. 16 miles and an Ocean dip with Kate and Mel, who were running Chicago already when I was offered an opportunity to raise funds HERE for Girls on the Run, an aafter-school program I visit often, which empowers young women through running. Long story short, I don’t know what I would do with my run therapy/friends. The running part is hard. The people part is life-saving.

My own girls on the run:

Kate, Mel, Me (Karla and Britt go there’s in two) all Chicago bound!

Justin Timberlake – OK, I’ve been all over the place and yet to call him and properly invite him to golf/eat/dance it up with us on 9/2 in La Jolla. Our friends are very nice so he’ll fit in just fine.

It could happen. Some people talk about the past more to dictate what they are capable of, some worry a bit more about what may happen in the future, and both tend to affect what we do right now. Once I noticed this, I always seem to hear it, so…

A friend said, “I don’t think this property/house will sell” – he is right

A friend said, “I am just worried he isn’t ready to commit” – she is right

An executive said, “well the staff here isn’t really into being healthy or changing”  – she is right

Because… they… think… so. So first, things first. Think it may be more productive to focus on what you want, what’s good, or what you are determined to have/be/create? and then everything else. – you are right.

Lastly … sans Instagram in July:

I need more than 4 hours sleep. Good goal for August – just sooo things I want to do.

Speaking of that… August 1st, 2017. I asked both spin classes, one corporate wellness meeting committee of 10, and one conference call, “do you have an intention, or goal for this month so that by 9/1, you are better, more fulfilled?

The joke was on me. “What’s yours, Sheri?”. Crap. “um.”. If I’m going to dedicate a focus of a month to it… hmm. It’s not wedding specific, but all relate.

So in August: I spend (allow it) a lot of time replying to things, people, and running around, rearranging my day for what works for others. So, in August, every day, I put out there what’s fair, best for me, and make sure I protect those 24 hours. Even ask Eric of HPM, I asked him yesterday, “it saves me a trip to swing by tomorrow between these hours, would this work for you?” Done.

I actually don’t agree with this sometimes I have to pick between 2 important things . . . but good starting point for most of us:

Inspiring friends? Pinch me. I am so lucky to know who I do and call them friends!

I hope that ESPN guy John Brenkus gets asked “Are you Lizzie’s husband?” instead of vice versa. Thanks for the voicemail Lizzie – I smiled so big. She’s working on providing 100 bikes to people in need. Wouldn’t it be cool, if we help her, just because we can? HERE. You will never believe what she did- she called me. And…even left a message. The nerve. I LOVED it. Oh she sings too: HERE

We have been at the same 26.2 race numerous times, even NYC, SD, talked on the phone on global run leaders call, I love getting their family holiday card- yet Lizzie and I have yet to meet in real life. How awesome is this.

Mike- he returns to SD just to do these little free events we started called Fitbit Local, then goes Europe, Bali, off to Mexico to build a house, and Nicaragua to finish a school. I think my first donation as Sheri Matthews Kimmel will be this. HERE. His full-time life mission.

Speaking of donations. . . Thank you so much to those who made a contribution to my Chicago Marathon training fundraising for Girls on The Run, I notice!!! Best pre- wedding or life gift, right up there with the pedicure I am going to need after all this running. Like, it’s bad.

So as I say bye to a young lady off to college, I ate up that hour a week we spent together, she 18, me 35, doing the best we can to live our best life – so excited to see what she does between 18 and 35. TCU watch out. Go Ri!

Loved connecting with some new Ambassador faces to end the month, I’m always so inspired by the things that get them fired up. Thank you, lulu, for keeping in the loop!

So here we go, next 30 days, continuing to take care of myself, SD Companies I love, find time for Jason -maybe sleep a bit more… and so touched people are taking the time to come share in a special day with us, or connect in real life this month.


xo – me.

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