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I just called to say … What I did. What I didn’t. January flew by but the days were long.

on February 1, 2018 News with 0 comments

Is this thing on?

I’d be a hypocrite if as professional, group, and personal goal coach here and there, I didn’t fulfill my own. If anything, other people always make me stick to what I say I’m committed to doing, so my goals are written down, and include 1 x per month, I recap, so … here’s January.

New things included….

Calling, as in dialed someone, not just texted. Gasp! I think of, or wonder about, or have been meaning to. 1 a day. It’s been such an interesting experiment, great to catch up if the friend answers, and I totally get cut off on most voicemails. I lost a friend, who her twin sister can’t call every day, so I call one day, because I can. We celebrated Margy 1. 4. 18. at Brick. Not the reason you want to connect with so many friends after many years. So, know that friend you’ve been meaning to call, if you call one a day, that’s over 300 this year.

In a start-of-the-year- funk a bit a bit so…

I met Tara at the stairs the first Monday of the year, which I was a bit disappointed in myself, and off to a slow start after being home in December to help out with my Dad, the friend who passed away, and the real-deal flu after New Year’s Eve, hadn’t mailed holiday cards (PS who wants a valentine?) so… when Tara invites you, you know you’ll leave inspired. I went, lucky me! She didn’t disappoint.

She informs me she’s doing the Empire State building night-time stair run…and it’s in a MONTH (2/7). Not bad for a Monday lunch break. She reminds me to say YES and be up for anything! Follow along @CAF

Speaking of that:

Kate, here perf wedding rocked, but that is so December, so she invited me along in January for the Athleta #upforanything national campaign! She picked way out of our comfort zone – no run, or barre or yoga, but Fitwall Solana Beach, in our hood!

Basically couldn’t sit for 3 days after this “smile” workout

Honestly, I was so surprised, not at how sore I was, but also at my own preconceived notion of something I hadn’t done. It was AWESOME, Kate’s the blogger and I’m the plus one and totally say if I didn’t love it. I was sore for 4 days. Ego-check, check.

More new yes’… work meets the after-work scene. About 25% of my job is speaking at companies, and another 25% is goal coaching, and I love both, so when the Rockstar Marketing gal at Chosen Foods asks you to facilitate a national campaign of some special guest, I said “yes”. Said Marketing badass was also Kate, but she has equally amazing support, Kirk and Alexa form Hale Productions film it, and I was so excited when I saw who the attendees are… (also a bit like “ohgawd” they can lead this themselves, who I am to teach?

just deciding if how they spend their day reflect their values. NBD.

It was awesome. The campaign called #makeonechange, by locally started Chosen Foods, can be anything from, packing lunch every day, taking your children to school yourself, putting your phone in the trunk when you drive, (Kat’s)

Mine #makeonechange, phone off at 7:30 PM, airplane mode, in order to have time for marriage and not scrolling. The flip side, one phone call a day!

Worked with two married couples on their goals. They are going to change their life. Watch. I get the best referrals ever.

Speaking of courage, and change, met this guy! Big things by @ Courage Brands! 

Teach yourself how to act on courage – book coming soon!

More people doing big out-side-of-box things, Bodies in Motion, free events by Angelo and Lauren, we hiked a Mt. and did art. It was awesome. My art – eh. It was peaceful.

Next one 2/18

I BFF birthday’d

goal: look this good at 40

Filmed a video with Mike (better know as work husband) for Fitbit with a local company @Fitspico! Colton, you are amazing!

Work husband. No better partner on the planet.

Went to the beach with the real husband because it’s 90 in January (San Diego I LOVE YOU!) because marriage is my #2 priority right now. Yep. #2. I (sssh selfishly I get to read!)

A close #3 and moving up the ranks with some big long-term goals – Career, so excited to be partnering with a wonderful North County broker committed to enhancing wellness programs of small businesses. The broker really cares, and I get to help their clients and new clients with wellness programs! Happy dance. Workshop in April!

Career goals continued, a few years ago I wanted to connect big brands with our community, so where it may look like Mike and lead a workout once a month we love, it’s also a long-lasting relationship with big companies that get it – Fitbit, lulu etc.

Oh yes, speaking of lulu and goals, last Saturday we worked our bodies and our minds and I made new friends who set goals in Carlsbad, a great combination. Workout + plan your life. Not bad for a Saturday.

Throwing in 60 seconds of letting it all go dancing to any meeting, or workout and it’s more fun. Thanks @Justin Kanoya

DJ Justin who joined us in January at Bay Club, is mixing beats at the brand-new IDEA 1 on 2/11. Bring a mat. Honestly, best hour of your month. Can’t wait. Please RSVP HERE

Upon further review of my month, I can’t even keep up with myself sometimes, Kate keeps forwarding me things on sleep, so true.  Just realized it’s February 1st, bring on all the hearts. I love puppies. So it’s a sign… while running during the blue moon with Natalie and Kate. Morning people perks.

They stopped to see the moon – so cute aren’t they?

We ran into these puppies…so speaking of goals, I’ll have one by 2019. Action to take: tell Jason.

I stopped for them, so cute aren’t they?

Ended the month with wellness presentations booked for awesome companies, a run with friends to a super blue moon, and puppies. January turned around nicely. When I can’t be two places, visting Dad, helping a frined, giving a mom of four a break, then my hope is I’m all there, whever there may be.


K.I.T – and maybe call a friend.

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