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Friends With Passion Only Please

on September 10, 2017 News with 0 comments

    One week post wedding high . . it really is surreal, but not necessarily so because of the glam,  pretty pictures, or beautiful La Jolla setting, though all were picturesque beyond anything I ever thought I’d have… the people part is what mattered most. Who I married. Who married us. Who (or most- […]

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What’s 30 Days?

on August 2, 2017 News with 0 comments

One month sans an Instagram post or scrolling through it. Ok, a post maybe –  I lasted two weeks until I threw in some insta-stories to share work life, Fitbit events, charitable things, or people do uplifting activities that are so awesome, I like to invite you to come. One month to the day (today’s […]

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“How’s Wedding Planning?” + plus some things I am giving up…

on July 5, 2017 News with 0 comments

“So How’s Wedding Planning?”  No Social Media. July Happenings. People Parts. The million dollar, 40 x per day, question asked to anyone, not only getting “married”, but deciding (or not) to have a … “wedding”. Let’s clarify, I am (actually) excited, beyond grateful, and still actually wrapping my head around the fact that ‘we’ we […]

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No No N-overwhelmed. You?

on April 13, 2017 News with 0 comments

Yes! No. Or Yes to No! I tend to be way too wordy. I started to type this, deleted the whole thing – like just get to the point already. It was just easier to start over. Maybe it’s because I’m currently between spin and meeting in Sorrento Valley at Starbucks (wifi is always decent), […]

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Wait, You Do That For Free?

on March 22, 2017 News with 0 comments

I don’t really have a personal story of overcoming the odds. I grew up in a nice home, two parents, had the necessities of life I needed. My biggest fear? I was scared of the dentist. Suppose I was lucky to have one! 93 retainers later. How about you? Know what is scary? Doing something […]

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March: Ooops I Did It Again. Yes!

on March 12, 2017 News with 0 comments

I blinked and here we are almost half way through March! In the words of 1999 Britney “oops I did it again”… One of my goals in 2017 was to limit, yes limit, myself to one-weekend community or charity cause of event per month, in addition to Fitbit Local which already falls on a weekend […]

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Hearts Hearts Hearts! Sorry, I’m not sorry I’m late.

on February 4, 2017 News with 0 comments

I LOVE this month – mostly because the focus is love and hearts are everywhere. February, only 28 days in which everyone has 24 hours in a day. Just 24. It’s like holding a winning lotto ticket getting to cash it in and chose how to spend it! I am 100% guilty of wanting to […]

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Tired? I’m not tired, not one bit! Riiiight.

on January 3, 2017 News with 0 comments

Ever find yourself constantly thing “I am so tired!!!”? Same. I’m a go-go-go give give give gal. It’s what I LOVE to do. I am the first to know I need breaks and rest to do what I do best, but often come 2nd. I squeezed in a 1/2/17 afternoon run with Kate since it […]

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What Got You Out Of Bed Everyday in 2016? Goal Setting Hacks and Thank You For Making 2016 …The Best Year Yet!

on December 31, 2016 News with 0 comments
My timing has always been just right – for me

Wow, so that went by fast! I felt like just yesterday I was writing down what was going to fill my 2016 . Anyone else? We, maybe it’s just me, get so caught up in the busy-ness (is that a word? is now) of day-to-day that we often forget to pause and ask ourselves “is […]

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3 Years Strong. 1 Month to Go. And Sorry Jason – I Had To.

on December 9, 2016 News with 0 comments

November Recap – I committed myself, well on Instagram so in real life too, to incorporate a photo of one thing a day I was thankful for. They were not necessarily earth shattering each time, but ranging from work presentations, to the NYM Marathon fundraising, to some of my favorite friends and a turkey trol […]

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