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My quote to live by: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”  – Maya Angelou

Changing the beliefs and actions of one person at a time, as well as organizations is what I love to do and enabling you to do it for yourself or your company, take ownership and shift focus to what “can be done” vs. what hasn’t worked, is my goal.  You and your team will thrive because of it.

Sheri Matthews


Sheri came into our company as a referral from our insurance broker at a very stressful time. We were all working a lot, experiencing lay offs and turn over. What we needed was someone to create programs to make coming to work a good thing. Happy to say that this year we are on the “Healthiest Companies List”. She brought in some great guests, lead a group of her own, and provided one on support for our staff – who loves her! HR Manager and Culture Director, San Diego

A letter to National Risk Manager who consults with Sheri:

I wanted to share with you both that our Wellbeing program this year is at its highest level, thanks to the excellent contacts and referrals provided by Sheri Matthews.  The quality of presentations and the delivery by the wellness presenters has been quite impressive! I’m filling my corporate class to overflowing, due to the reputation we are building with Sheri’s referrals. Thank you!! Jannine, Corporate Wellbeing Coordinator


Sheri has brought very valuable resources to our Well-being program.  The presenters Sheri has referred to me for my ‘sometimes very unique’ health and wellness topics have been perfect matches. It has been a pleasure working with Sheri and with the presenters. [/author] Human Resources Director, Procopio, San Diego, CA

I often receive unsolicited feedback from our Team Members praising us for the quality of the presenters. This is all due to Sheri, so I’m hoping you can share with her Manager/Supervisor how impactful and beneficial she is to the success of our program. Welk Resorts – Top 5 San Diego Healthiest Companies. La Jolla, CA

I met Sheri when I hit an all time low in my athletic endeavors… After being a long time runner with countless races under my belt, I had torn my plantar fascia twice in a two year period. It was during my second injury that I met Sheri. Sheri’s spin class literally changed everything for me. My first injury was deeply devastating and I fell into a deep depression. I had always defined myself as a runner, so not being able to run for 6 months (on two separate occasions) was truly devastating. During my second injury, I discovered Sheri’s class. Sheri uses high-intensity interval based training and it literally changed my level of fitness and allowed me to train effectively while not being able to run. Additionally, I was able to apply Sheri’s spin training tactics in the pool and on the bike outside… after being confined to the pool and an indoor bike the previous year, this made these otherwise monotonous activities challenging and provided me with ways to alter swimming and cycling training while I was rehabilitating my severely injured foot. The best part of this was that post recovery, I started competing in triathlons after I realized I could actually get “good” on the bike and on the swim after doing so much of those activities during my two-year stint with injuries and rehab. Spin and Sheri’s instruction were the difference between a horrible experience during my first injury and a manageable experience during my second injury. Most importantly, Sheri’s spin class has helped me become a competitive cyclist and triathlete. She leads by example in goal crushing of her own, is a person we all want to be around.Marcella DiMichieli -US National Women’s Triathlete Qualifier and top 3 San Diegan. La Jolla, CA


This year’s Wellness program wouldn’t have been possible without Sheri – we saw participation grow, the quality of our programming was more well rounded and people enjoyed attending.   We are so thankful for everything she has done and helped our committee do. She shows ups, facilitates, even collects photos. She gave us some direction, themes, goals, and some ways to measure what we had been doing. With that being said we are motivated to continue to improve our Wellness program.  Committee Chair – San Diego Regional Airport Authority, San Diego CA


Sheri’s giving spirit is what sets her apart from the great majority of individuals. She is at her best when she’s helping someone else to become better. On top of that, she has an exceptional talent for creating workouts that push people to achieve goals (incremental and big ones) that one may perceive to be out of reach. Sheri is easily one of the motivating and inspiring people I know! Molly McCarthy, Boston


As an active marathon runner for the past 10+ years, I’ve had days where I wake up and just don’t really want to run. Sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it hurts, sometimes I’m just too tired. But not since I’ve been running with Sheri! If I have a run planned with her, I get up with gusto. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is…her passion for wellness, her kind nature, her amazing energy, her incredible personal fitness…or likely a combination of it all. Since the 2013 Boston Marathon, I have been struggling with a bout of runner burnout, and Sheri has helped pull me out of that slump, for which I will always be grateful! She has made me a better runner and I look forward to many more miles on the road together! Teresa Marie Howes, San Diego


Sheri is one of the most popular fitness leaders and spin instructors in San Diego because she cares! Her enthusiasm for fitness and ability to motivate people is amazing. People literally fall in love with her and her positive attitude. I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER dreaded going to one of Sheri’s classes or events she organized. She relates well to a wide range of clientele and she takes a keen interest in everyone’s progress. From ages 18 to 80, Sheri speaks to you as if you’ve known her for years and she only wants you to succeed.Ed C., SanDiego


When I first met Sheri in 2004 we were taking a spin class together. One day she told me that she had a goal to be a spin instructor. A short time later she was teaching the class. And she was the most motivational, energetic spin instructor I have ever had. She soon developed quite a following. In fact the only way to get her class was to reserve a spot far ahead of time, or show up as soon as they handed out the 15 walk-in passes an hour before the class to the 20 people already lined up to get them! She’s never looked back. Dr.s, CEO’s they all listen to what she has to say.

Sheri and I soon became good friends and her encouragement extended outside of her classes. She urged me to start running longer distances and gave me very helpful hints to get my times down. Every time she would see me Sheri would say, “you look great! All your hard work is paying off!” You belive what she says. This certainly kept me motivated!

Recently, she asked if I would be interested in doing the Ragnar series, and I had my doubts if I could do it, but she assured me I could. I am glad I did! It turned out to be the best racing experience of my life! When someone who has found their own success, belives you will succeed, it works. She makes you feel important.

Above all, Sheri is extremely loyal and really cares that you achieve your fitness goals!Alan Renga, Columbus


Sheri’s personality is simply magnetic. She takes a genuine interest in your goals and mental game as an athlete and even more importantly as a person. Whether it be her motivating words at 5:45 AM spin class or seeing her roadside cheering me on in my first marathon Sheri is someone who makes my life better!Angie, San Diego


I met Sheri years ago when I took her spin class. It was my first spin class ever and a personal fear I was trying to overcome. The intensity had always intimidated me but within one class and Sheri’s motivation, I knew I’d be back. After three years of never missing a class, Sheri encouraged me to become an instructor. I was hesitant but she assured me Id be great. After I got certified, she took the time to work with me one on one to make sure I was ready. I have been teaching for the last 2 years and have fallen in love with it. I can safely say it never would have happened without Sheri’s motivation and support. Now, when planning every class, I always ask, “what might Sheri do?” She has made an incredible impact in my life. Not only has she introduced me to a world I never thought I could be a part of, but she continues to be a source or support, encouragement, and inspiration. I thank my lucky stars every day for meeting Sheri and only hope I can one day make a difference on someone’s life like she has mine.Jenni, Los Altos, California


Sheri Matthews is a “walk the talk” kind of gal. It is one thing to give a good speech, it is quite another to lead your life so you are carrying through on what you encourage others to do. She is pure motivation and a prime example of someone who has gone after what she wants and works hard for it; leading others to find their way to the finish line, not by wishing for it, but for fighting and working for it. She brings out the best in people – part of being inspirational to me is to inspire other people to be the best they can be. I will forever be thankful that Sheri taught me that I have absolutely nothing to lose by trying as hard as I possibly can. I think about that in my training, why not give it all you got? Be the best you can be, period. Sheri pushes you and encourages you with mantras that will completely revolutionize you from the inside out. She makes people stronger, leaner and faster. Sheri enables her students to strive for and maintain an emotional and physical balance in life. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing…make sure one of them is Sheri! She is one thing you cannot live without!Karla Khalifa, La Jolla, CA


One word:  AMAZING!  Sheri is a beautiful woman inside and out.  She is passionate about life and about helping others achieve their goals.  She is incredibly supportive even virtually.  I live in DC, but she impacts me constantly by allowing me to bounce ideas off of her.  It made such a difference knowing she “had my back” as I tackled my first 26.2!  The world needs more Sheri’s.Colleen Dahlem,


Simply stated, Sheri is a special person!  Anyone who can get 25 people to consistently show up at 5:45 AM twice a week to train together on bikes that don’t go anywhere is pretty much says it all. She is compassionate, energetic, motivational and funny too.  She is creative and passionate in her approach to classic interval training.  No two classes are the same!!  Since becoming a member of her “morning people” spin class for over a year now my overall physical and mental fitness is the best it has been in years.  I cannot thank her enough for all of her encouragement in helping me to achieve my personal fitness goals.Ric, La Jolla, CA

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